kageron logo

About this Logo

This logo is made for bloggers who wants to be part of the Kageron family. The logo is not yet official and we are still working on a new Kageron logo but for now, everyone can use it as a badge for thier website, profile pic or pretty much on everything else.

Who can use it?

Everyone who has an online identity and wants to be a part of the group can use the logo as long as they retain the link back to the Kageron official website. Be responsible in using this logo, our only advise is that "With great power, comes Kageron"

Using this Logo

The logo can be linked directly in our site or downloaded and uploaded on several sites. Please link back to the official kageron website http://www.kageron.org if you want to use this logo in your blog or website. You can copy paste the following code :

<a href="http://www.kageron.org" title="kageron.org"><img src="kageronko.png" style="width:250px; height:auto;" alt="kageron logo"/></a>
and paste it on your blog widget, template or anywhere else that uses html tags.

Why Kageron?

Why not Kageron?, Kageron is a meme used by our batch during our College Years. The word means "Scab" in english, and as its meaning implies, we are everywhere. That is why we want to spread the germ-er-ideals that we have. Our goal is to make our mark on the web. Being a Kageron lets you become free despite the ridicule and harshness the world has to offer.